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The number 1 place to find gluten free information and recipes

I am gluten free and I know what it is like... that is why we created this site - Enjoy!

About Us

My name is Lucy and I’m the writer/blogger/ food taster and chef extraordinaire at Gluten Free Tiffany. Luckily for me my partner Joe also helps out (especially with the food tasting!)

These days it can be really hard to eat healthy as well as maintain a gluten free diet. Most gluten free products on the market have a lot more salt and sugar, not to mention nasty additives and preservatives!

I started Gluten Free Tiffany as a way to share my experiences about going (and staying) gluten free. I’ll also share some terrific recipes and tips on gluten free cooking.

Usually, I follow a clean eating or slow carb lifestyle which means lots of fresh produce and not many grains.

Most gluten free recipe books and websites tend to focus on pastries and sweets and there’s not a lot of options available for healthy meals – that’s exactly what Gluten Free Tiffany is going to feature! (Having said that I’ve also got quite the sweet tooth and will have plenty of tasty sweet recipes to share as well!)

If you are struggling with going (or staying) gluten free, please stick around, subscribe to the newsletters and read the ebook. It won’t take too long before you are cooking gluten free like a pro – and you won’t consider ever eating gluten again!


My Journey

Gluten Free Tiffany is run by myself and my partner Joe.

I was diagnosed with a wheat and yeast allergy in 2006 so have been cooking gluten free for nearly 7 years. We know and understand the challenges of going gluten free, but also know that eating gluten free doesn’t have to be hard work.

If you’re gluten free, you probably already realise how hard it can be to learn how to cook with only gluten free ingredients. You’ve most likely had loaves of bread that turned out soggy, biscuits that crumbled apart too easily, and pizza that wasn’t worth craving for.

If you are struggling with cooking delicious gluten free food, Gluten Free Tiffany is the blog for you.



Gluten Free Ebook

If you thought a gluten sensitivity meant you have to give up taste, think again!

Having been through the massive change of having to eliminate gluten from my diet I understand the frustration.

Removing gluten from your diet can seem so difficult because gluten is in so many things – even the ones you don’t suspect!  The  list is endless – including bread, pasta, cookies, cereal, sauces, seasoning, gravy, baked good and even ice cream.  No wonder its so confusing!

Some people think that living a gluten free lifestyle is boring, tasteless, limiting and depressing – and I have to admit that I have felt this way before many years ago.  But since experimenting with food and with my love of cooking I love being gluten free.

My Gluten Free survival kit will show you how living gluten free can be wonderful… and delicious!

I hope this gluten-free ebook inspires you and gives you hope. Because living gluten-free is not only good for you, it can be complete fabulous.


What you’ll get:

The Gluten Free ebook

I’ve included all of my favourite recipes in this ebook. The majority of recipes are both low carb and clean, meaning that they’re not only tasty but good for you as well.

The Gluten free ebook includes recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and snacks.


The Gluten Free Meal Planner

This will make planning and shopping much easier!  This meal planner allows you to prepare ahead for your week. Plan out your Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and snacks for 7 days quickly and easily.

Simply fill in your meal choices and  create your shopping list – that way you can go to the shops fully prepared with a list of items to get for your full week’s meals.


The Food Journal

Food Journals are a great way to keep you on track with your gluten free diet.

Our Food Journal will help you identify patterns on how your body reacts to certain food so you can find out which foods make you feel great and which don’t.


Safe and Unsafe Ingredients

Everyone living the gluten free lifestyle needs to know which ingredient are safe to eat and which are not.

This list is great to have on hand – especially when shopping! Print it out and take it with you to save time and belly aches!

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